Hi, I'm Reza!

A Front-End Developer
and UX/UI Designer with a passion for accessibility!

Toronto, Canada

Finally! a new photo of me!

About me

Hi, I'm Reza!
I'm a Front-End Developer from Toronto with a background in design and architecture!
Today as a developer, I bring everything I love about UX/UI Design, technology and innovation to every line of code I write!
Outside of coding, I enjoy playing video games, reading about technology and hiking!


My Projects

Binge Fest webiste

Binge Fest

This web application was built using three external APIs alongside our own persistent database that holds any bookmarked TV shows. After the user has bookmarked any notable shows they will be presented with a Google Maps that will allow them to select a location near them to list any nearby restaurants.

React | API | Firebase | CSS | Team Programming

GitHub Live


Morning is a browser extension using Vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS. A pair programming project with Martin Nguyen.

JavaScript | HTML | CSS

GitHub Live on Chrome Web Store
Morning chrome extension
Bikerland webiste


Bikerland is a fully responsive one page PSD conversion using HTML and CSS.

HTML | CSS | jQuery

GitHub Live


NextWatch is a movie database where you can search for the movie you want and add it to your personal watch list!

React | API | Firebase | CSS

GitHub Live
NextWatch webiste
Shoe Kloset webiste

Shoe Kloset

Shoe Kloset is a fully responsive three page PSD conversion using flexbox and grid.

HTML | CSS/SASS | jQuery

GitHub Live

So Serious!

So Serious is a card game made with my favourite villain in the Batman series, Joker! There is also a Batman Mode as an Easter egg!

jQuery | HTML | SASS/CSS

GitHub Live
So Serious game
Phone Savvy

Phone Savvy

Phone Savvy is a simple yet functional way to find your next smartphone. This app is connected to all trusted websites with related reviews and articles, which will help users see all the information on one page.

UX/UI Design | Figma | InVision

Figma Prototype

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